Monday, 17 September 2012

Makeup blog sale!

Hello all!! It's that blogsale time again, although this is my first one with makeup! I know, I only talk to you guys when I'm selling something. :( To keep it good and simple, I'm afraid this will be UK only as international shipping has become ridiculously priced and it's a pretty big ball-ache. Shipping is £2 for one item, £1 for the second and £0.50 for each additional item. Clear as mud? Good.


NARS Gilda. Gently used 3-4 times. £17.


NARS eyeshadow in Bombshell. Slight dip, 90-95% of product remaining. £10.


NARS Cordura. Left side used gently. Right side used once. £18.


MAC Vanilla pigment. 90% full (Old packaging.) £14.


MAC Cream Colour Base in Movie Star red (LE). Gently used, slight dip. £9.


Lipsticks left to right (bullets shown full height in second picture): MAC Lady Danger: £6. NYX Black Cherry: £2. Revlon Black Cherry: £3. L'oreal Caresse lipstick in 103 Sweet Berry, £3.


Hope in a Jar moisturiser. Used a handful of times as shown. 15ml travel size. £4.


MUA Heaven and Earth palette. Brand new and unopened. £1.50.


Sleek Rose Gold blush. Brand new and unopened. £2.

Left to right: Essie Matte about you: £5. OPI Samoan Sand: £5. Revlon Grey Suede: £3. MAC Soiree: £6. Deborah Lippman mini nail polish in Razzle Dazzle, £3. OPI Midnight in Moscow: £5. All used a handful of times.

Please comment with the items you'd like, your paypal address, and I will invoice you. Please note all sales are final. Thanks and happy shopping!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vintage dress sale!

It's that time again my friends! I put a bunch of lovely vintage dresses up for sale on eBay. My heart is sad to see them go (particularly the first one listed below) but I'm neglecting them, and they ought to go to loving homes! A selection of what you can find listed:

Dusty Rose 1950's Vintage Dress

Burgundy 1970's Vintage Dress

ASOS Denim Tiered Dress

Black and White French Maid Style Vintage Dress

ASOS Cute Dog Print Blouse

Cat Lady Print Dress with Lace Collar

Vintage Urban Outfitters Navy Sheer Dress

H&M Denim Style Shirt Dress

Check out all the items for sale here!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

OOTD 22.05.12

Today was officially the first day of summer here in London! I was looking forward to the nice weather all weekend (which was spent indoors. Watching movies. And eating.)

Anyhoo! I jumped at the chance to wear some shorts (pardon the awkward pose but... I'm an awkward person) It was a bit cloudy in the morning so I wore my utility jacket from New Look. I LOVE IT, even though it's so cheap it's already started to bobble. Ho hum.




Top: Monki, Shorts: H&M, many seasons ago, Belt: Gina Tricot, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins.

Also, this is my first OOTD with my lightened hair?! At first I thought it was WAY too ginger. But it's kind of growing on me :) Also I think bleaching it 3 times is enough... I want to be lighter for summer. I don't have the nose to pull off bald.

Huzzah for the nice weather!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday dinner, Paleo style

After a pretty stressful work week where I fell off the Paleo wagon more than once, I decided to kickstart things again this week with a nice dinner and dessert.

Roast chicken with the most amazing dry rub (recipe from here) with green veggies and a beetroot salad on the side. Obligatory glass of wine.

Berries (keeping the fructose low!) with double cream. Tinkering with adding dairy back in to my diet after leaving it out for a month. Really hoping I can tolerate it because FUCK ME. It's tasty.

Thinking of doing a six month Paleo lifestyle update in June — would you guys be interested? Or would you just like me to shut up about this shit already? :)

Monday, 30 April 2012

Lipstick collection (a work in progress)

IMG_3348 Lipsticks are probably my favourite makeup product of all time. I love buying them, I love applying them, I love looking at them, I love the packaging. You get the gist. So I thought I'd do a lipstick collection post!

IMG_3278 Lets go through these by colour. Nudes first!
Left to right: Revlon Almost Nude, Revlon Blush, Revlon Mauve It over*, Barry M 150, Rouge D'Armani 102*, No7 Blossoming Pink*.

IMG_3281 Swatches in the same order.

IMG_3295 Peaches.
Left to right: Revlon Peach, MAC See Sheer, YSL Glossy Stain #7 Corail Aquatique*.

IMG_3302 Swatches.

IMG_3306 Mauvey roses. Let's call this the MLBB category.
Left to right: Chanel Mademoiselle*, MAC Creme In My Coffee, YSL Glossy Stain #5 Rouge Vintage.

IMG_3309 Swatches. Pardon the chicken skin. Mustabeen chilly!

IMG_3319 This category looks a bit mismatched lined up together like this. But these are the sheers!
Left to right: Isadora Jelly Kiss Orange Blossom, Revlon Lip Butter Cherry Tart, 17 Mirror Shine Hollywood, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, MAC Hot Tahiti*, Laura Mercier French Lips.

Swatches — see, the category makes sense now!

IMG_3333 The reds! I used to have more but then I thought... how many reds can one woman have?! And gave away a lot of doubles.
Left to right: MAC Lady Danger, Revlon Strawberry Suede*, Revlon Certainly Red, MAC Ruby Woo, Inglot 408, Chanel Dragon, Beauté Masochist*.

IMG_3337 Swatches.

IMG_3338 And finally, the vamps.
Left to right: Revlon Fabulous Fig*, MAC Diva, NYX Black Cherry, NYX Snow White*, MAC Viva Glam I, Revlon Black Cherry.

IMG_3342 Swatches.

Phew! Favourites marked with a *. Looking at these I think it's obvious I love rich warm tones and can't get enough of 'em. Also note the lack of pinks. I used to love them but I KNOW NOW they do not work on my skin tone.

Since I blogged this I've already added another nude to my collection, Rimmel Nude Delight, and it's everything I wish Revlon Almost Nude was on my skin tone. Obviously my wish list is NEVERENDING, I've got 5 MAC nudes/peaches I'm going to check out in duty free when I go to Sweden in a few weeks! (Kinda Sexy, Hug Me, High Tea, Brave and perhaps Shy Girl or Faux) Another elusive lipstick is Chanel Secret, appropriately named — I can't seem to find it anywhere! PANIC! Anyway....

What's your favourite lipsticks? Got any recommendations for me?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

OOTD 28.04.12

IMG_3372 I Recently got a tripod for my camera, so I thought I'd make a bit more of an effort to do OOTDs again — it's something that's been requested a few times, so here goes! This was my generic Saturday outfit today. Me and Phil had a nice shopping day and lunch at (West) Westfield because yesterday was PAYDAY. And we roll like that (sad and predictable).

IMG_3377 Shirt from New Look.

IMG_3373 Pants from Topshop. Pardon the crotch shot but I feel the need to brag about my legs. NO MORE SADDLE BAGS. Thanks Paleo :D (Disclaimer: These pants are UBER UBER tight and will possibly give me a yeast infection but... they look good.)

IMG_3378 Boots from Clarks. Got them in the fall last year and have worn them to absolute death — bit battered, but they're still holding up. Seriously the only place I will buy boots from EVER AGAIN.

IMG_3391 Wore my new rings from H&M. Really digging the graphic geometric shapes. Nail polish is Fashion from Deborah Lippman — after 6 days of wear, it's a bit dull but NO CHIPPING. Holy grail polish dudes. Holy motherfucking grail.

IMG_3385 My face is covered in: Clarins Evermatte foundation & powder... Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow. Countour and blush, Armani Sheer blush in #5 and NARS Douceur, respectively. Lipstick is Rimmel Nude Delight, and I lined them first with my new go-to, MAC Pro Longwear in Staunchly Stylish.

I wrote all that makeup down without double-checking names or numbers. I feel like knowing it all off by heart has probably pushed something worthwhile out of my brain. Ask me to point out Ghana on a map. (JK, I've never been able to do that.)

Anyhoops, Hope you all had fantastic Saturdays!